By Rose Halopoff:                                                                                                              6/22/11

Today, I talked to my friend Anne Splingaerd Megowan who belongs to my historical club in Los Angeles, California, and she informed me that she, too, had not gone to our Annual Luncheon put on by the City to reward us for our docent work all year 'round.  She needed to take care of important matters as her father had passed away recently. It appears that her father's home burned down and there is where he died.  He lived in Huntington Beach, California, and this was a very sad event.

Anne wrote a book entitled "The Belgian Mandarin," a very touching story about her red-headed great grandfather who was born in Brussels, Belgium.  He was a poor orphan and raised in Belgium until the age of 23 when he went to China with founding members of the Belgian Missionary Society in 1865.  He later married  an educated Chinese woman there.   Paul Splingaerd and his wife had 12 children. You can see this book on and other places.  Paul was born on April 12, 1842, in Brussels but accomplished a lot during his lifetime in China. 

My friend Anne was born in China, lived in Hong Kong and Japan.  When her father was offered a job as an accountant with a company located in Mexico City, the family moved there.  Later, she and her brother enjoyed a college education.  Today, Anne is married to Mike and they have grownup children.  One daughter lives in Dubai where she and her husband live and work.  However, she has many relatives who live in China, Canada, San Francisco and other countries throughout the world.  Her book is truly a masterpiece about Paul Splingaerd's life.  All of the details are an eye-opener.  Never a dull moment.  You can also read some of Paul's history on Facebook/Paul Splingaerd.  All of the family pictures take you back in time.

See you soon, Anne.  Let's form a group and have lunch once again at that same Mandarin restaurant in China Town L.A. where you had one of your book signing conclaves.  I love good Chinese food and I am now an expert with chopsticks!